BW is proud to announce its partnership with Black Professionals in Construction (BPIC) @BpicNetwork

In a decision to encourage diversity at every level at BW, we have formed a strategic alliance with Black Professionals in Construction (BPIC). A community interest organisation that seeks to improve the representation and advancement of black and ethnic minority professionals in the industry, something BW has always felt strongly about.


Through its extensive networks within the BAME community, the BPIC will assist BW to actively and effectively, create a more inclusive working environment. This partnership represents an opportunity to increase BW’s talent pool that will build the business for the future, through the creation of more diverse working teams.


As a huge employer with a broad demographic, the construction industry as a whole has a unique opportunity to pivot quickly to become a more diverse and inclusive sector. BW recognises this and plans to take an active part in it, including opening up networking opportunities to a wider group of people and collaborating with BPIC to establish best practice.


Amos Simbo BEng (Hons) IEng ACIBSE, chairman, Black Professionals in Construction comments:


“By working with us at BPIC in this way, BW is opening up conversations and encouraging greater awareness among minority ethnic groups of the opportunities that exist in the dynamic, fast-paced world of fit-out. It shows a commitment on BW’s part in evolving their business, leveraging the skills and experiences a more diverse workforce can bring. We want to promote inclusivity within the industry so that it is normalised and this represents a real step forward.”


Steve Elliott, CEO of BW: Workplace Experts adds:


“Recent events have brought the topic of diversity to the front and centre of boardroom agendas. It involves asking ourselves some tough questions and seeking help where we identify that we may need it so that we can do better. We are therefore delighted to have the support of the BPIC, to ensure that BW continues to consist of diverse working teams with fresh ideas and creativity.”