Anti-Coronavirus social distancing tech becomes more accessible for SMEs @reactec

Social distancing in the workplace to meet Coronavirus guidelines has become easier than ever before for employees of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with the news that Reactec is to make its SAFE-DISTANCE system available to all employers at the same price – regardless of the number of systems purchased.

SAFE-DISTANCE is a fully integrated system that includes a wrist-worn device which gives audio, vibratory and visual warnings when it comes within an unsafe distance (less than two metres) of another SAFE-DISTANCE device. In addition, it automatically gathers data to a hosted database with analytics that allow employers to manage their employees’ social distancing behaviour at work and inform contact tracing if and when needed.

More than 10,000 SAFE-DISTANCE devices are now being used in the UK, principally within manufacturing, construction, rail and local authorities.

Previously, Reactec employed a ratcheted discounting system that favoured large orders. Now all purchasers will be able to access SAFE-DISTANCE to help protect their employees at the same reduced price of £160 per person, a 50% discount – making the system more affordable than ever before for SMEs.


Jacqui McLaughlin, CEO of Edinburgh-based Reactec, said:

“We are determined to play our part in the fight against Covid-19 and we believe that, whether they work for a large or a small employer, everyone stands a better chance of avoiding this disease if they adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

“Having developed the SAFE-DISTANCE system, we want to see it in as many workplaces as possible to help companies to continue to operate – ensuring their staff stay socially distanced while they keep the economy going.”

Dundee-based manufacturer of continuous castings, Rautomead, has been using SAFE-DISTANCE since shortly after its launch in May. The company’s Managing Director, Brian Frame, said:

Using the Reactec SAFE-DISTANCE system is an additional and important protection tool as part of our Covid-19 mitigation strategy. It has been adopted very successfully and effectively by our on-site employees and is used in conjunction with the more standard Covid-19 protection measures.

“The online analytics have also highlighted the need to modify a few layouts and processes, and to monitor and manage our interactions in a more controlled and safe way. The system is without doubt providing a benefit for our employees, and hence to the company.”

Reactec invented the SAFE-DISTANCE system in response to the introduction of social distancing guidelines by adapting its successful hand arm vibration monitoring device. The company’s heritage in personal health monitoring ensures that, in addition to its devices being user-friendly, the collected data, which readily informs reliable contact tracing, is GDPR compliant – reassuring employees that their privacy is not compromised in any way.

(Left to right) Callum Robson, Design Engineer, and Andy Stupart, Inspection / Stores, Rautomead, Dundee


(Left to right) Jan Barclay, Executive PA, and James Franco, Financial Controller, Rautomead, Dundee Reactec