Fire Doors and the protection that they offer to buildings and users continues to be an area that is vastly under represented, particularly in older buildings.

Intastop Ltd, a leading manufacturer of products to protect wall, doors and people continues to drive forward innovation and engagement in this area to promote best practice and encourage responsibility and awareness.

“Fire Doors have become a topic of much discussion in the last 18 months and yet, it is still apparent that not enough importance is given to the significant impact they can have on protecting building users and the fabric of the building too,” said Phil Barsby Business Development Director Intastop Ltd. “They are the first line of defence and a physical barrier between fire, smoke and harm coming to building occupants and as part of a building’s Passive fire protection system they are at their simplest designed to save lives and protect property.”

It is a requirement that fire doors are fitted to all public buildings, offices and factories. However, due to neglect, reduced specifications and lack of maintenance on the doors they have, in some situations, become an area of concern with their integrity compromised. As a result we, and businesses that we work alongside the BWF (British Woodworking Federation) are striving to drive improvements and raise standards not only through manufacturing, but through certification procedures.

To support fire door safety Intastop has developed a range of products that meet high standards of fire protection and that are suitable for inclusion in doorsets or to be used independently. These include vision panels, hinges, door protection products, door edge guards and post-formed doors and frames.

“It is important for facilities managers and maintenance teams to ensure the correct doors are specified and that they are maintained appropriately,” said Phil. “We are encouraging all those who fit fire doors to choose doorsets where every element is fire tested and certified and that regular, scheduled checks are carried out to ensure the integrity of the door is not compromised.”

Whilst in the past fire doors have been a significant area of neglect, the future does not have a place for this type of approach any longer and the Intastop team will continue to educate, share information and develop products to ensure that our buildings are safer places to be.

Further information about Intastop and its range of fire door safety products can be found by visiting https://www.intastop.com/