DANLERS range of popular Outdoor Security Switches just got better! @DANLERS

DANLERS Outdoor Security Switches are neat and compact and now benefit from an IP66 rated polycarbonate enclosure.

• IP66 Compact Person Detector with both improved time lag options and upgraded photocell range of 10-1000 lux together with a new photocell inactive feature.

• IP66 Twilight Switch turns lights ON from Dusk to Dawn.

• New IP66 Twilight Switch featuring DANLERS ‘Intelligent photocell’ which reduces risk of hunting and over illumination.

• IP66 Dusk Switch with new ‘Intelligent photocell’ and LED feedback for determining time on duration from 2-16 hrs. Switches lights on for a timed duration and resets itself when enough light is available ensuring lights are not left on unnecessarily.

All products are UK manufactured and covered by DANLERS 5 year warranty.

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