People and Vehicle Access control system specialists Nortech has recently introduced a new 24-page product catalogue to help specifiers find the right products for their projects. It has been divided into four product categories: Access Control, Readers and ID Devices; Long Range Identification; and Vehicle Detection and Parking.

The Access Control section covers all of Nortech’s best-selling access system range including standalone control devices for managing one or two doors, plus fully online Norpass access management system.

The Readers & ID Devices section highlights an extensive choice of 125-KHz proximity, 13.5-MHz smartcard and 865-MHz UHF technologies readers, whereas the Long-Range Identification section features Nedap’s popular Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR, ANPR HD, uPass Reach, uPass Target, and TRANSIT Ultimate readers.

The final section covers vehicle detection and parking. This includes Nortech’s popular inductive loop detectors range, FeeMaster Smart, NorParc Counting system including VMS counting signs.
The catalogue also features a number of new products; including:

• MACE Reader range – This range include the popular MACE Reader MM, MACE Reader MM QR, MACE Smart using MACE Virtual identification credential, effectively a smart phone / card reader that supports – QR Codes, Bluetooth, NFC, Smart and Prox cards.

• uPASS Target Antenna – By adding the uPASS Target Antenna to the uPASS Target reader the read range can be extended to cover a wider area. This is an ideal solution for existing or new uPASS Target installations.

• VMS–RGB-10A range – Nortech offers a range of standard and multi-level RGB high intensity signs that are fully compliant with European VMS standard EN12966. The signs can be used in standalone counting solutions with Nortech’s NCT100 counting controllers, or used with NCT200 counting controllers and NorParc Software.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind.
Further information is available from Nortech on 01633 485533 or by emailing [email protected] or the new catalogue can be downloaded by visiting the company’s website at