Skanwear Launches Latest STRATA® Softshell Jacket to Deliver Arc and Flame Protection this Autumn @skanwear

Those responsible for overseeing PPE for businesses should already be looking ahead to the colder months and assessing whether they’re existing garments meet standards, according to leading PPE manufacturer Skanwear. Working with innovative protection brand STRATA®, Skanwear has unveiled its latest jacket that comes with a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship.

Angus Long, Managing Director of Skanwear, said, “It might still be summer but now is the time to start looking ahead at winter PPE. Businesses need to make sure that their autumn and winter PPE lives up to the minimum standards, doesn’t prevent employees from carrying out tasks, and is comfortable in a range of environments. Those firms that assess PPE now will be in a better position in just a few months.

“In the winter months HSE and procurement managers should be considering ARC and fire resistant waterproofs and thermals so productivity is not affected and workers can work on live or potentially live electricity comfortably and safely.”

Skanwear manufactures and sells a range of garments and equipment that are provide a varied level of protection for people who work in substations, switch rooms, and control gear to name a few. It’s latest STRATA® softshell jacket (SFX405) has been crafted with the end user in mind. It’s been tested and certified to rigorous standards, giving wearers peace of mind that they’re protected against the risk of arc flash, heat, and flame. In addition, it’s windproof and water repellent, ensuring it’s comfortable in a range of weather conditions. The softshell was designed with an
easi-arm gusset that allows wearers to freely move their arms without exposing flesh. It’s a piece of PPE that’s practical and comfortable and truly fit for purpose.

Coming in a range of sizes and with ample pockets, including a mobile phone pocket, the jacket is a piece of PPE that will suit a diverse range of teams and jobs. Featuring reflective piping details, it is ideal for outdoor work which can take place after sunset or in gloomy conditions.

Laura Fish, STRATA® Product Managers adds, “Our STRATA range is always designed with form, function, and comfort in mind and our latest addition doesn’t disappoint. It’s the perfect piece of PPE to invest in before with temperatures start to lower and can be paired with any of the STRATA® trousers for a complete look and protection when working in potentially hazardous situations.”

The SFX405 Turbine Softshell Jacket is available to pre-order from Skanwear now.

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