First Mats Unveils New and Improved IBC Bunds Range, Offering Customers Greater Choice and Savings

First Mats, Birmingham’s leading workplace products specialist, today announced the launch of their revamped range of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Bunds. The company has expanded its offerings, providing customers with a more diverse and complete selection of products at significantly reduced prices. The new IBC Bunds fully comply with UK regulations and have a three-year guarantee on many products.

IBC Bunds are essential containment systems designed to prevent leakage and spillage of hazardous materials stored in Intermediate Bulk Containers. These containers are commonly used to transport and store chemicals, oils, and other potentially harmful substances. Bunds play a crucial role in minimising the risk of environmental damage and ensuring workplace safety.

“We are proud to present our new range of IBC Bunds, which offers our customers an even better selection of high-quality, compliant containment products,” said Richard O’Connor, Marketing Director at First Mats. “We have worked tirelessly to develop this new range that meets industry standards while offering significant cost savings for our customers.”

Customers can conveniently order their new IBC Bunds from the First Mats website ( or by contacting the award-nominated sales and support team.

About First Mats

First Mats is a Birmingham-based workplace products specialist dedicated to providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service. With years of experience in the industry, First Mats offers a comprehensive range of products, including IBC Bunds, safety matting, and a wide variety of workplace essentials. The company is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance for businesses across the UK.

For more information, please visit or contact the sales and support team at [email protected] or by phone at 0121 702 1659.