Anyone who works with Chemicals knows the importance of safe and secure storage. Health and Safety inspectors are also acutely aware of this and are quick to penalise any firm not storing chemicals in line with COSHH regulations. When you need to update your storage cabinets, time is of the essence, which is why First Mats offers COSHH Compliant Chemical Storage Cabinets with five working day lead times.

COSHH Compliant Storage Cabinets

COSHH is a law regarding the control of substances that are hazardous to health, including safe and secure storage. The HSE provides guidance on appropriate storage, with security being one of the main points covered. Access to chemicals should be restricted, so using a robust and secure, lockable cabinet is necessary.

Unlike standard metal cabinets, COSHH cabinets are designed with features to safely contain any spills or leaks from containers, including lipped shelves and a liquid-tight welded sump. Finally, the COSHH cabinets are also finished in a bright yellow powder coat with adhesive labels to make it easier to identify the hazardous nature of its contents.

Chemical Storage in a Hurry

While many cabinets are manufactured to order, a range of standard-sized versions is available in as little as five working days from Birmingham-based First Mats. The range includes seven size options, from compact units measuring 700mm tall and 350mm wide, to large cabinets 1800mm in height. All models are COSHH compliant with secure, 2-point locking doors and a leak-proof welded sump.

“Health and safety have always played an important part in what we do and the types of products we offer,” States First Mats Director Richard O’Connor. “COSHH Cabinets are a natural addition to our range, with the express-delivery option proving to be a great way to better service our customers’ needs.”

Express delivery COSHH Cabinets can be ordered through the First Mats website, with sales and customer service team members available to assist with any questions.