New woodland planted for Kirton as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

The first 150 trees of a new woodland in Kirton, Nottinghamshire, have been planted by building products manufacturer Forterra to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.

The site, which is on agricultural land owned by Forterra close to its Kirton brickworks, will form part of the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC).

A further 1,350 trees, consisting of rowan, oak, hawthorn, blackthorn, cherry and silver birch, will be planted at an event in October when the tree planting season begins again.

The QGC is a nationwide movement encouraging individuals, groups and companies to sustainably plant trees across the country, in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Intended to encourage the planting of new trees and vegetation, the QGC will also aid the regeneration of ancient woodland.

For the woodland site, Forterra has commissioned Greenfields Countryside Ltd, a countryside management company, to prepare and carry out maintenance upon the land between each planting. This will ensure the trees are well cared for and given the best opportunity to grow as quickly and healthily as possible.

These trees will eventually grow into a natural, biodiverse woodland, which Forterra is naming ‘Jubilee Wood’. To commemorate the occasion, Forterra has also commissioned a specially made plaque that bears the name of the woodland and the dates of the planting.

The ecological benefits of a whole woodland of trees will be significant in a multitude of ways. Tree planting is a simple but highly effective way to reduce air pollution, at the same time creating havens for wildlife and improving the respiratory health of the people living nearby.

Stephen Harrison, Chief Executive of Forterra, said: “The Queen’s Green Canopy is a brilliant initiative. We’re excited to join the nation in celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, while also contributing towards Britain’s natural heritage.

“We are always looking for ways to contribute and improve, especially in terms of sustainability. Our involvement in the Queen’s Green Canopy campaign complements several other investments we have initiated over the past few months, including investment in a solar farm which by 2025 will generate 70% of our electricity needs.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the site at Kirton grow into a biodiverse woodland area over the next few years. As well as helping the environment, the trees we are planting will stand as a reminder of this historic occasion for generations to come.”

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