MILWAUKEE ® enhances jobsite safety with expansion of Safety Glasses Range @MilwaukeeTool

“Equipped with comfortable temple arms for ease of wear”

Milwaukee’s Safety Glasses range looks to increase safety onsite with new Anti-Scratch, Fog-free and New Lens coloured features.

Milwaukee ® has once again proven its commitment to ensuring safety and productivity for workers onsite with an expansion of its Safety Glasses product range. Featuring anti-scratch, fog free, new lens colours and new magnification features, all new Safety Glasses are built for extended wear that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Equipped with comfortable temple arms for ease of wear, all new glasses (aside from the magnifying safety glasses) are available with yellow, grey or tinted lens options. This superior safety enhancement is ideal for users who need glasses that are optimised to their specific working environment.

Milwaukee Performance Safety Glasses are equipped with fog-free lenses to ensure that users’ vision stays unobstructed on the jobsite. As a step up in productivity and durability, the Performance Safety Glasses feature anti-scratch lenses to them from challenging conditions onsite. The Performance Safety Glasses will now be available in yellow and grey lenses, in addition of the clear and tinted ones already available.

Grey lenses provide a brightness protection, they let a minimal amount of light passing through the lenses to provide the users good visibility while being protected from the sun. They are also ideal inside to reduce the intensity of indoor lights.

Yellow lenses absorb the blue light, which can be harmful to the users, they absorb the UV rays from the blue light. This is ideal for workers indoor in a warehouse, with industrial lighting or with monitors. Yellow lenses will provide them a clear vision while being protected from the blue light and offer more contrast.

Enhanced safety glasses feature a flexible nose bridge to add extra support for the wearer and a better fit over respirators. They will also now be available with clear lenses or grey or yellow tinted lenses.

For easy reading and clarity on the jobsite, the Anti-Scratch Magnifying Safety Glasses have an anti-scratch hard coat for lens protection and clear magnified lenses which allow users to read easily without sacrificing protection. The lenses are available in magnifications between +1.00 and +2.50 diopter.

This extended PPE range is proof of Milwaukee’s focus on creating innovative solutions that won’t slow users down, helping them STAY SAFE. STAY PRODUCTIVE ™

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