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·      I.E.S – Integrated Expansion Slots – undoubtably the most significant innovative advancement are the 3 strategically positioned expansion slots that allow the knuckle points to move freely when the hand is clenched WITHOUT exposing the knuckles to impact like many inferior designs on the market. Knuckle impact protection and comfort accomplished!

·      F.T.P – Full Thumb Protection – unique design footprint provides crucial protection to entire thumb and knuckle joints, an area which is sadly left unprotected on almost all other impact guards!
Features 2 patent pending innovations alone – (1) three-way Integrated Expansion Slot on thumb interphalangeal joint to release pressure and improve comfort. (2) Full Flex Point at metacarpo joint for increased flexibility.

·      F.F.P – Full Flex Points – deeper/wider channels engineered into key areas that contour and flex, mimicking every finger and hand movement providing exceptional flexibility, comfort and reduced hand fatigue – another key aspect of our design and utility patent.

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