DispenserONE®: The ‘Fit and Forget’ sanitizer system @UKSeko

After 18 months during which hand hygiene was thrust into the spotlight like never before, SEKO’s groundbreaking DispenserONE® sanitizer system – purpose-designed in response to coronavirus – has transformed the way building managers deliver hand hygiene.

But disposable and conventional light-duty sanitizer systems have been on the market for decades, so why the need to replace them?

Such systems were adequate in the pre-COVID world, with their basic pump mechanism and low capacity capable of meeting low demand which was limited to hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other healthcare sites.

However, when COVID arrived and the need for hand sanitizer systems increased, these light-duty devices were expected to deal with constant, widespread use despite their limitations.

The sight of a pelican pump, usually placed on a countertop or small table at a building entrance, has become common during the pandemic as managers attempt to deliver COVID-secure arrangements.

As well as being unhygienic due to their manual operation, pump-action devices are messy, unsightly and unsafe as they leak and leave sanitizer dripping onto the surface and floor where they may create a slip hazard.

An alternative to disposable dispensers are light-duty refillable systems mounted to walls and stands, which also splash and leak due to their primitive pump design. These units require regular repair and, ultimately, replacement after around six months on average.

For building operators, this results in constant cleaning, refilling, repairing and replacement of dispensers – increasing staff workload and incurring hidden costs.

From these limitations, the DispenserONE® range was born, as the SEKO R&D team worked to create a series of “fit and forget” systems to provide hassle-free, yet highly-effective infection control in any building.

Built around an ultra-reliable motor-driven pump, DispenserONE® provides a consistently smooth, soft flow of sanitizer and because residual product remains within the mechanism once dosing is completed, the system is completely leak-free.

The high-capacity DispenserONE® is an operator’s dream in that it requires zero maintenance during opening hours, with the only requirements an occasional out-of-hours refill and, in the case of the battery-powered models, recharge.

This means that, once installed, DispenserONE® can be left in service without the need to constantly refill or clean around the unit, its presence offering reassurance not only to the user, but to the building manager who can have complete faith in their hand hygiene arrangements.

SEKO’s range covers every building requirement for hand hygiene, ensuring devices are properly sized with a capacity suited to footfall, starting with DispenserONE® Mini which offers a super-slim profile and minimal footprint that make it ideal for convenience stores, beauty salons and other sites where space is at a premium. For the largest sites including international airports, conference centre and sports stadia there’s the original DispenserONE®, a high-capacity, mains-powered unit delivering up to 25,000 doses between refills and an optional 17” multimedia screen.

Recognizing the ever-changing coronavirus restrictions around the world, SEKO has also developed DispenserONE® Thermoscan, which allows building managers to control entry depending on combinations of criteria such as sanitizer use, body temperature and face covering. As well as providing peace of mind to the operator over infection control, this model gives residents, staff and visitors confidence at a time when many are anxious over the lifting of restrictions.

Adding to this the system’s IoT-enabled remote connectivity, customizability and optional multimedia screen, DispenserONE® earns its place as the ultimate hand-hygiene product for 2021 and beyond.

For more information visit www.dispenserone.com