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 With longer days and greater daylight hours, now is an ideal time to help bust the angst and stress winter and COVID-19 living has left us in, especially as living restrictions start to slowly ease. And that means finding your ZEN zone and creating good energy and calmness. Offering a myriad of benefits, being a little more zen can help with sleep, energy levels, creativity, focus, memory, positivity and stress bust.

 Originally from Japan, Zen is all about clearing your mind of thoughts and focussing on just one thing. It sounds straight-forward but it can be quite hard to empty the mind and takes practice. Choose what works for you. Meditation combined with breath focus is the key way to practice Zen, but other exercises that promote calm can work just as well such as yoga, or reading.

 Dr. Tim Bond from dragonflycbd oil shares some of his tips to help you on the path to zen:

 #1. Regular mind TLC: Having some quiet, mind time to think is good for our mental health. If you set a regular time each day you will be more inclined to practice and will start to look forward to it. Choose a time that is realistic for you, whether it be first thing in the morning, at lunch, or last thing in the evening. Stress and anxiety can hit at any time of the day and taking just five minutes out to some silence and time away from anxious thoughts can really help. Practice whenever you feel the need.

#2. Get Active: Exercising of any kind, walking, jumping up and down, do some stretching or dance around the room. Whatever your preference just move your body. Even a few minutes will give you a new outlook. Endorphins are released, stresses can be taken out through exercise and gentle options like yoga and Pilates can help reset and calm the mind.

#3. Relax: The act of relaxing can actually be quite hard. There are a zillion things to do, and when we do sit down our thoughts are whirring. Try dragonflycbd oil to help you relax and unwind – just a few drops under the tongue can help with easing stresses and anxiety. Acute administration of CBD has also been shown to reduce resting blood pressure which is good news. Unfortunately, stress tends to increase our blood pressure making our hearts beat faster.[1]  Two systematic reviews of the scientific literature have suggested a benefit for CBD in anxiety.[2],[3] Dragonfly CBD is a high-quality CBD oil product that has passed rigorous tests of quality and safety by the Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC)[4] – related to CBD content, labeling, no contaminants, batch number identity, and use-by-date on every pack. Dragonfly CBD does not contain THC, the compound in cannabis associated with the ‘high’.  Consumers can be assured of a product of high quality, integrity and safety.

Dr Tim Bond

#4. Write it down: Thoughts, ideas, anxieties, arguments are all held in our heads and when trying to be zen they can keep popping up. Writing them down helps release them from your head, and your brain knows they are there to refer back to so stops trying to memorise them – which gives you the space to let go and clear your mind of thoughts

#5. Zen Time: Optimal health depends very much on a whole-body approach, providing the right diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and opportunities to relax and de-stress in these trying times. Combining yoga, meditation, zen, and classical relaxation to help achieve optimal balance and harmony works for many and is known as SOPHROLOGY. The key to this, is relaxation, breathing, gentle movement and visualisation.

So, take time out every day where you can sit, relax and think; taking a tea break helps with this. Breathing exercises can really help to get that zen moment too. Here’s an exercise that may help: Calm your overactive mind with mindful breathing. Standing, close your eyes, focus on your head and face. How does it feel? Tense? Relaxed? Exhale through your mouth to empty your lungs and inhale through your nose. Hold your breath and slowly rotate your head from left to right a few times. When you need air bring your head back to the centre and exhale. Repeat, being fully are of the sensations in your head and face as you move and breathe. This exercise helps to calm an overactive mind, clear tension, and oxygenate the brain.

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