Contact tracing and COVID-19 director’s briefing

There are regulations in place for certain industry sectors to ensure that they have track and trace controls in place. This specifically relates to venues in hospitality, the tourism and leisure industry, close contact services and local authority facilities.

Contact tracing and Covid-19 Director's BriefingThese organisations must:
• Ask at least one member of every party of customers or visitors (up to 6 people) to provide their name and contact details;
• Keep a record of all staff working on their premises and shift times on a given day and their contact details;
• Keep these records of customers, visitors and staff for 21 days and provide data to NHS Test and Trace if requested;
• Display an official NHS QR code poster from 24 September 2020, so that customers and visitors can ‘check in’ using this option as an alternative to providing their contact details
• Adhere to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR);
• Hospitality venues must also refuse entry to those who refuse to participate.

Failure to undertake any of these requirements will result in fixed penalty fines.

This director’s briefing, from Barbour EHS, features:

  • Contact Tracing App information;
  • Legal Requirements;
  • Data Protection Legislation (GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018);
  • Key Points to Be Aware of in Adhering to Data Protection Legislation;
  • Data Protection Security Risks Management;
  • Data Protection Controls – the Use of Children’s data;
  • Test and Trace for Staff.

* Document updated in December 2020.