The U-Power Red Over Safety Boot Tops Them All

Italian safety footwear manufacturer U-Power has just introduced its newest and finest-ever safety footwear line, the Red Over, a range that incorporates all of U-Power’s market-leading technologies in one boot.

The soft leather Red Over develops U-Power’s already extensive range of safety boots and shoes that feature an ultra-thin Gore-Tex® membrane, making them outstandingly waterproof, while simultaneously letting the foot breathe and allowing perspiration to escape, providing day-long wellbeing for the wearer.

As well as supreme protection and matchless comfort, the innovative Red Over boasts high visibility and flexibility, offering total protection in every weather situation and in the most adverse conditions imaginable, such as while working in the emergency services, roadside maintenance, refuse collection or any job that entails operating outside, or where people are on their feet all day.

The Red Over features U-Power’s revolutionary new mid-sole with Infinergy®, one of the most exciting developments ever to take place in the safety footwear industry.

Infinergy®’s patented technology returns more than 55% of positive energy to the wearer because the insert springs back into its original shape immediately after impact, so helping to maintain the user’s energy for longer periods than  conventional safety footwear, dramatically reducing stress, pressure, fatigue, backache and other musculoskeletal disorders and increasing wellbeing and performance.

Many of the styles in the Red Over collection also include Hypertex Putek® technology, a breathable and water-repellent material 20 times more abrasion-resistant than traditional materials.

In addition to its roll-call of excellent attributes, the Red Over also provides very high slip-resistance, exceeding the European standards, as well as featuring rubber outsoles that provide heat resistance up to 300 degrees C, rendering them ideal for use in all industries.

U-Power’s Managing Director, Stuart Thorne, said: “These Red Over safety boots are unbelievable. You will never wear a more comfortable boot than these. They are fantastic for use in the harshest of environments, keeping your feet totally dry and comfortable at all times.

“Their waterproof quality, breathability, extreme abrasion resistance, high visibility and superior heat resistance – it’s the combination of all these features that make these boots so special. The U-Power Red Over is the most beautiful and comfortable footwear we have ever produced.”

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