Proxima, the latest wearable tech from Prolojik, allows organisations and people to manage their own COVID-19 risk @prolojik

Prolojik remains at the forefront of harnessing the ubiquitous nature of lighting controls to
contribute to the measurement and control of the COVID virus. Building on one of its latest
innovations, Proxima allows organisations from commercial workplaces to schools and universities
to empower people to manage their own risk and exposure to the COVID virus, through wearable
technology in the form of a wristband or lanyard that connects wirelessly to Prolojik’s Proxima
sensor network.

The movement and temperature of each wearer can be monitored throughout all areas within the
space, vibrating when people are within 2 metres of each other, as well as taking their temperature
to alert them of potential illness. Data collected via the Proxima sensor network can be stored on
premises for real time analysis or shared with third party systems such as BMS. For example, if
someone contracts COVID within an organisation, it is possible to track that person interactions in
the preceding days, identify others that have been in close proximity to them, therefore exposed to
the virus and potentially at risk.


The enormous benefit is that Facility and Building Operators
can focus on specific areas, rather than having to close entire buildings down. As with education,
this approach allows for a far more targeted approach to infection management, by isolating
individuals or specific social bubbles.


The integration with the lighting control system means that all areas of the building are within the
trackable zone, including workspaces, circulation areas, back-of-house, plantrooms, car parks,
presentation spaces and external spaces.
Each wearable will provide key data on the following aspect of employee care and building

• Targeted Messaging
• People and Asset Tracking
• Profile-based control
• Lone Worker Monitoring
• Building Sanitisation
• Physical distancing
• Environmental monitoring
• Indoor Location – way finding
• Revenue Leakage

Asela Rodrigo Managing Director of Prolojik comments:
“At a time when businesses and educational institutions need as much support as possible to be
operational, Proxima wearables provide the ultimate reassurance and comfort for employee and
students. The unique difference is the stand alone sensor infrastructure which can equally be fully
integrated with any lighting control systems to increases the measurable and trackable area.”
For further information contact Anna King [email protected] + (0) 7780 956291