FLIR Systems Introduces Rugged Visible Security Camera for Perimeter Protection and Long-Range Situational Awareness @flir

FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced a new addition to its premium Quasar™ line of PTZ
cameras, the FLIR Quasar 4K 31x IR PTZ. The camera offers 4K visible resolution with 31x optical zoom
paired with long-range, infrared illumination (IR) for low-light coverage up to 200 meters in challenging

With an expanded operating temperature range of -40 to 60 degrees Celsius/140 degrees Fahrenheit, IP66
for water and dust protection, and NEMA-4X (salt-tolerance) ratings, the Quasar 4K 31x IR PTZ camera is
equipped for consistent operation in extreme weather conditions. Pan-Tilt de-icing and built-in lens wiper
paired with remote-operated washer accessory systems keep the camera functional and operational in
remote or hard to access installations.

“The FLIR Quasar 4K 31x IR PTZ camera is a key addition to the Quasar premium family of products,
offering a longer-range option with excellent low-light visible imaging for critical infrastructure sites, remote
facilities, or other large areas that require close monitoring in all conditions” said Daniel Gundlach, Global
Business Development, Solutions Business at FLIR Systems. “The camera is designed to withstand severe
environmental conditions, while also providing the crisp images professionals need for real-time situational
awareness and post-event evidentiary support”.

Similar to other Quasar products, the Quasar 4K 31x IR PTZ camera maintains open platform compatibility
and can be used with a large variety of third-party VMS solutions or FLIR United VMS. The Quasar 4K 31x
IR PTZ includes industry standard security protocols and additional cybersecurity enhancements including
unique protection from log-in attacks, hardware and software authentication, and encryption to help keep
facilities safe from cyber threats.
FLIR Quasar 4K 31x IR PTZ cameras are available for purchase globally starting September 1 from FLIR or
authorized dealers. For additional details, please visit
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