The Right Fit: Semmco Life Protection Systems introduces world’s first in-mask quantitative FitCheck® system for RPE

Respiratory protection specialist Semmco Life Protection Systems has introduced FitCheck®, the world’s first in-mask quantitative fit-check system. FitCheck® has been designed to complement traditional fit testing methods for Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) by introducing both a simple, visible indication of a full-face seal and data capture to ensure optimum wearer safety and compliance.

Health and safety legislation worldwide outlines a requirement for workers and employers that utilise Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to undertake fit testing every two years and currently there is no way to tell if masks worn day to day continue to fit during use. Guidelines for both the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) in the US suggest users carry out fit checks whenever RPE is worn, with OSHA outlining that ‘user seal checks are not substitutes for quantitative fit tests’.

A consistent level of compliance is vital to protecting those working in hazardous environments. Making compliance checks smoother, more straightforward and easy to integrate into existing workflows is key to making sure that processes are followed correctly and consistently.

The on-filter and in-mask models of Semmco’s FitCheck® feature a highly visible green light indication that an adequate face seal has been made, giving confirmation at a glance each and every time the mask is worn. The system checks not only the face seal but also the entire mask for breaches that may cause leaks during use, such as a faulty filter or damaged exhalation or inhalation valves, ensuring wearer protection is not compromised.

The FitCheck® range uses enhanced connectivity to increase safety for wearers and managers alike. Equipped with low-power wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the FitCheck® can be used to record and send test results to your own systems or to the cloud based companion app for storage and further analysis. The system continually monitors the mask seal during use, alerting users to a potential seal breach and prompting wearers to undertake further testing. FitCheck® units record every check, pass or fail, and store the results on the internal device memory, meaning reliable data is logged even when not connected to an external system.

With an eight-hour battery life, an auto shut-off after ten minutes of inactivity and a charge cycle of under two hours, unit downtime is reduced, allowing the FitCheck® system to provide users with a reliable way of checking their equipment throughout a full shift

FitCheck® constantly monitors users breathing rates. Should the mask get knocked, or the wearer stops breathing or falls to the floor, an alert will be sent to the individual monitoring the cloud, who can then ask the wearer to conduct another fit check to make sure the seal on the mask was not broken and is still intact and safe to continue working. The in-mask model (FFM1620) provides additional monitoring and reporting on metrics including temperature and humidity and gives safety managers an expanded field of data to ensure safety and compliance for their team. With the companion app available across iOS, Android, PC and MacOSI software, it can be easily integrated alongside existing systems and workflows

‘Safety and performance are at the heart of all of our products, and both of these qualities are at the forefront of the FitCheck® system’s design’, said Carl Bennett, Semmco LPS General Manager. ‘As the world’s first in-mask quantitative fit-check system, it offers better protection to workers using RPE and reassurance to safety managers through better compliance. Designed to complement existing Fit Test programs and in-house procedures, alongside our range of respirator masks and filters, the FitCheck® is part of our complete solution to the challenges of respiratory protection.’