Easy to use format allows users to go from room to room with sound insulation results displayed in compliance with ISO requirements and uploaded to SITMA portal

Svantek ( – leading manufactuer of noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and occupational health monitoring applications – has announced that its popular Building Acoustic (BA) Assistant Smartphone Application, which supports its Class 1 SVAN 977A or SVAN 979 sound level meters with built-in Bluetooth® interface, is now approved by the Sound Insulation & Testing Measurement Association or SITMA, part of the Building Compliance Testers’ Association (BCTA).

With sound insulation testing required on all new build properties as well as converted buildings, Svantek’s BA App guides the user through the sound insulation measurement procedure in accordance with ISO 16283. Sound insulation results are presented on the display and in the form of a report which can be instantly uploaded onto the SITMA customer portal.

The sound insulation calculation is done automatically once the data files are assigned to rooms using a simple drag & drop procedure. A project containing measurements from the source and receiving rooms for different sound source positions is created during the process. The project is saved in the memory of the Svantek sound level meter along with the measurement files.

SITMA operates a voluntary registered testers scheme providing 3rd party certification to individuals to certify organisations as being competent to carry out sound insulation testing in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-4, BS EN ISO 140-7 & ISO 16283, ensuring that all individuals (and therefore their respective organisations) operate to the high standards the BCTA expects.

The user interface allows the operator to preview results in the form of time history plots as well as numerical values. The application allows images and voice comments to be added to the measurement projects. The size of the display of a mobile device makes it convenient to display spectrum views such as 1/3 octave analysis.

The companion free BA Assistant App’s easy to use format allows users to go from room to room with the sound insulation results available for sending to the SITMA portal immediately.

Svantek’s highly accurate SVAN 977A and SVAN 979 sound level meters offer millisecond spectra logging making them ideal for building acoustics measurements with façade, airborne or impact sound insulation results.

In fact, the SVAN 979 is one of the most powerful sound level meters on the market. It has a built-in sine wave, pink noise and white noise generator which helps reduce the amount of equipment being carried.

Svantek’s instruments are suitable for all series of ISO 140 standards for laboratory and field measurements of sound and impact insulation. The ISO 717 rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements is automatically calculated and included in the report templates.

All measurement files are saved in the internal memory of the instrument but from this point more complex analysis can be carried out using the SvanPC++ Building Acoustics software module. The software includes a very powerful calculator that automatically averages 1/n octave spectra time history and performs calculations of reverberation time.

The BA App can be used with Svantek’s SP 95 Impact Ball for sound insulation testing in lightweight structures. It is dropped vertically in a free fall from height of 100cm to the surface of the floor.

The Drone is a Universal Systems Interface (USI) that allows users to connect sound level meters to the BA App through a Bluetooth® analog output or with a cable using the serial interface. Once connected, the smartphone App will start and stop the signal from sound sources automatically.