Casella announces extensive training schedule for OSH: webinars and courses on workplace noise, air sampling and vibration

Building a culture of occupational health and safety is vital for all businesses and is key to ensuring not just workplace compliance, but sustainable competitive advantage. In the UK, according to HSE’s latest statistics, 1.4 million workers suffered from work-related ill health in 2018/2019[1], causing 28.2 million working days lost and £15 billion lost for the economy annually!

To manage risks and to meet today’s standards in occupational health, the first place to start is to make sure you assess and measure risks accurately, and the best way begin is by gaining a thorough understanding of the solutions and equipment available for monitoring these risks. This knowledge is at the core of building a viable and successful program for workplace safety.

Not sure where to start with occupational health? Want to get in-depth knowledge and expertise?

Casella has announced its schedule for courses and webinars for 2020

Who better to guide you than the company that has been leading the way in monitoring equipment for over 200 years, Casella, a leading world expert in monitoring solutions for noise, air sampling and vibration.

One-day courses for UK specialists

Throughout 2020, Casella has aligned a series of one-day courses on Air Sampling and Noise Monitoring in the workplace, hosted at its headquarters in Bedford. These courses are delivered by expert trainers, providing managers and safety practitioners with guides to best practice, compliance and regulations.

The Introduction to Air Sampling course, which will run in March, June, September and November, covers the main areas of air sampling, including a summary of COSHH legislation, exposure limits and setting up air sampling equipment.

The Introduction to Noise course, held in February, May, August and October, offers attendees a pragmatic guide to best practice, covering current legislation, noise terminology and the practical use of Sound Level Meters (SLMs) and Dosimeters, as well as calculation of noise exposure.

Suitable for all levels of experience, the courses are ideal for those new to workplace health and safety, or as a refresher course for current practitioners.

Monthly free webinars

Throughout 2020, Casella is running monthly free webinars covering key elements and best practices  in its core knowledge base and product areas: Introduction to Workplace Noise, Use of SLMs and Noise Dosimeters, Introduction to Personal Dust Monitoring, Setting up Air Sampling Pumps, Introduction to Personal Sampling of Vapours and Gases and Introduction to Hand Arm Vibration.

The full schedule of Casella 2020 webinars is available on the Casella website and registration is free.

“We’ve worked with our team of expert trainers to ensure that both our one-day courses and webinars enable participants to gain substantial knowledge and confidence in each topic and a broad understanding of equipment, controls and best practices. At Casella, we’re dedicated to reducing occupational and environmental health risks through effective monitoring solutions. Our continuing innovation and training support ensures the next generation have the latest technology and expertise in occupational and environmental risk measurement”, says Tim Turney, Global Marketing Manager at Casella.

To find out more about Casella’s course schedule or book a place, visit or call +44(0)1234844100