DHD Cooling, working with Galebreaker, is constantly expanding its range of wind and weather protection systems to meet the many challenges in the power and industrial sectors.

As the market leader in weather protection systems Galebreaker continues to develop CFD modelling techniques that can accurately model entire air cooled power plants to determine the right position and porosity of wind reduction systems. These solutions have not only improved thermal efficiency of power plants but also protect mechanical equipment from wind induced vibrations, so reducing downtime and improving mechanical performance.

In addition to the extensive installed base of ACC wind protection screens, further developments in cold weather protection screens for wet and dry cooling applications continue to assist companies with their cold weather challenges. These developments include solutions for large natural draft cooling towers which can prevent the potentially damaging build-up of ice in and around the cooling towers that can cause disruption to a plant’s operation and extensive damage to the cooling fill and support structures.

Air inlet filtration solutions provide benefits to both wet and dry cooling systems, either protecting fin coils from airborne contamination, or reducing the amount of contamination drawn into operating cooling towers, which is a valuable source of nutrients for harmful bacteria, reducing downtime and chemical usage and increasing cleaning intervals.

Other performance enhancement systems include plume abated cooling tower rolling doors, that are incredibly easy to maintain and install, designed to isolate plume coils during the summer months when pluming is less likely to occur, maximising thermal performance at a time when it is needed the most.

External protection systems include weather shielding of large open structures, from high winds or extreme cold due to high winds. Using these systems is considerably cheaper than cladding, requiring very little sub-structure, but offering excellent wind speed reduction, whilst allowing light to enter the building.

With an extensive range of fixed and rolling systems, manually or automatically deployed, a full range of mesh screens to suit any application, and full engineering and installation services, there is a solution to help any organisation with performance enhancement through wind reduction, weather protection or air inlet filtration.

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