Don’t let your business freeze to a halt this winter @ArcoSafety

UK Safety Experts offer businesses advice on how to plan for extreme weather
Climate experts are warning Britain could be facing one of the coldest winters in 30 years with the “Beast from the East” set to return1. With January and February 2020 set to be among the coldest for decades, Britain could be hit with temperatures of -14C.

With freezing weather potentially costing the UK economy up to £1bn a day2, extreme weather conditions severely disrupt work, close or damage sites and put employees at risk. Arco, the UK’s leading health and safety expert, aims to enable businesses and services to deal with extreme winter weather, so they can keep workplaces both safe and open throughout periods of extreme temperatures, heavy snowfall and icy conditions.

Arco is urging businesses to plan ahead this winter and begin preparations well in advance so they can be ready to take action promptly should they need to, rather than waiting for the situation to become urgent. To offer assistance, the safety expert has a number of advice sheets available online for businesses to download, to aid in the planning, preparation and clean-up of extreme winter weather events including snow, ice and flooding.
Through an easy to use mobile app, Arco is offering advice on de-icing and salting best practices. Using the app businesses can calculate the amount of salt required for each site and per application, estimate the salt requirement for the entire season, and receive weather alerts based on personalised parameters.

Niall Robinson, product and procurement manager, from Arco says, “It is vital businesses ensure they are prepared for when the weather turns wintry. We advise all our customers to be prepared, be aware and take action. All businesses should have a Business Continuity Plan and begin to make preparations well in advance.

Essential steps include stocking up on the necessary workplace safety items and kit for employees and ensuring that equipment is well maintained and in good working condition. We want to ensure our customers are prepared and safe during the winter months, which is why we offer expert advice and a comprehensive range of solutions to keep workplaces both safe and open whatever the weather.”