Chemcre8 – A Revolutionary Chemical Clothing System From Alpha Solway @AlphaSolway

A revolutionary chemical protective clothing system from Alpha Solway enables organisations to incorporate site-specific safety features into their workers clothing.

Chemcre8 is a fully reusable protective clothing range – ensuring maximum safety and wearer comfort at all times by allowing organisations to incorporate safety features into the clothing to protect against specific hazards and working practices on their site.

Protecting against a wide range of industrial chemicals from cleaning detergents and caustic solutions used in food processing environments through to splash protection from hazardous chemical processing activities or accidental jet spray,

Chemcre8 provides significant benefits over traditional ‘green only’ chemical clothing solutions.

Tailored options across the complete range of chemical protective clothing includes:

–       Hi viz options – eliminating the need for a separate hi-viz jacket to be worn over the top of a chemical suit

–       Fabric choices offering suitability to most industries

–       Elasticated wrists

–       Velcro ankle straps

–       Elasticated ankles

–       Stud fastenings

–       Welded or taped seams for added protection/durability

–       Knee patches

–       A range of colour options

In addition, Chemcre8 can ensure employees and contractors become easy to identify and are wearing the right protective clothing for particular work areas and hazards.

Fully compatible with other PPE, Chemcre8 also helps support environmental programs being reusable, multi-use and durable, reducing waste disposal costs.

Supporting Chemcre8 is the Alpha Solway team with expert help, advice and educational support on the correct usage and procedures for chemical clothing. This includes help with risk assessments to ensure the right chemical protective garments are selected for specific environments and tasks.

Designed and manufactured in the UK at Alpha Solway’s factory in Annan, Dumfriesshire, every stage of the design and manufacturing process is meticulous, ensuring quality and consistency in accordance with the BS EN ISO 9001 quality standard.

“Chemcre8 provides the ultimate combination of safety, comfort and flexibility when it comes to chemical protective clothing. The ability to design specific safety and wearer features means companies no longer have to be restricted to off the shelf protective clothing. Instead they can look at the specific needs of the wearer and create a solution dedicated to the role, hazards and environment on site.

“Backed up by our technical knowledge and on site support, early adopters of the Chemcre8 system are finding significant benefits over traditional chemical clothing options,“ said Steven Binnie of Alpha Solway.

For more information on the chemcre8 system visit, call 01461 202452 or email [email protected]