Property firms looking to simplify their compliance processes and cost-efficiency need look no further than Bureau Veritas’s new Building In One platform – a bespoke software service that makes it quicker and easier to collate all compliance documents in one secure location.

As a cloud-based system, Building In One enables businesses to define, plan, schedule and monitor all regulatory compliance as well as store documents in one easy-to-use centralised platform – making the process of managing building compliance simpler and more cost-effective than ever before.

What’s more, the programme is consistently updated with statutory and non-statutory requirements, ensuring users have access to the latest information. Essentially, Building In One gives businesses the peace of mind of knowing they will always be compliant, even in the face of changing regulatory requirements.

As such, the new system and its all-in-one document management capabilities make it ideal for property developers and owners to meet upcoming guidelines that state businesses must have digital records for a building or portfolio.

With this in mind, Bureau Veritas, a global testing, inspection and certification expert, is recommending property businesses that haven’t done so already to take heed now by undergoing a complete overhaul of how they manage, store and track all items relating to property compliance through the cost effective use of Building In One.

Adriana del Villar, Digital Manager at Bureau Veritas, said: “Managing a property and asset portfolio is inherently complex with everything from assets, multiple sites, vehicles and machinery to consider – and with new rules on the horizon requiring businesses to have an audit trail of digital records for every building, the compliance process is only set to become more difficult.

“Recognising that many businesses often struggle to have a coherent system in place for managing their compliance documents, we’ve launched Building In One, an innovative new software package designed to make the whole process much easier and less time consuming.

“With the ability to create, alter and store digital records of all assets on one easily-manageable platform, for many firms, taking the time now to overhaul their existing processes and invest in a more streamlined system like Building In One will no doubt pay dividends in the long term.”

For further information on Building in One, call 0345 600 1828 or visit www.bureauveritas.co.uk .