Plastic waste – the good news for planet and people

  • The world’s plastic can now be collected and re-used effectively and efficiently by turning it into a concrete aggregate, which is lighter in weight and more durable than conventional concrete.

  • This new aggregate can be used in ­any building application (houses to infrastructure) and will turn any and all planet-destructive plastic waste into a valuable and sustainable commodity for industrial and commercial use.


  • This plastic-to-concrete technology has been tested rigorously, is backed by two years of extensive case studies, and it meets all stringent building standards in the US, Africa and Latin America.


  • This has far-reaching benefits for the environment.  It is a circular economic solution with impeccable environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials.


  • This game-changing innovation has been developed by the Centre for Regenerative and Collaborative Design. CRDC is collaborating with governments, large corporates, the biggest waste management companies, and NGOs in the US, Africa and Latin America and working together to stop the destruction of our planet through introducing a sustainable solution


  • All will be revealed by Donald Thomson, founder of CRDC, together with Paul Clements-Hunt of The Blended Capital Group in London and Kevin James, CEO of GCX Africa, when they explain how they can rid the planet of plastic waste and put it to good use through a global roll-out of this initiative.  The announcement is being made on 15 November 2019 at the first Sustainable Brands Oceans congress, which takes place in Porto, Portugal.