A-SAFE launches new barrier range for cold storage environments @ASAFE_UK


Workplace safety innovator A-SAFE has launched a new range of safety barriers specifically designed for sub-zero temperatures. The new Cold Storage range has been engineered to provide the highest levels of protection to pedestrians, assets and infrastructure in temperatures as low as -30°C.

The Products have been engineered using Memaplex™ Sub-Zero, a new material specifically developed for use in cold storage environments. Created from a unique blend of polymers, Memaplex Sub-Zero is designed to flex and withstand impacts without cracking or fragmenting. It is food-safe, wipe clean and self-coloured for maximum hygiene and ease of care.

Cold Storage barriers incorporate the patented A-SAFE three-phased coupling system, which works in three sequential stages to cushion impact forces and dissipate energy through the barrier and away from fixings. This prevents damage and preserves floors, reducing costs and downtime associated with repairs and maintenance.

Luke Smith, A-SAFE Co-owner and Managing Director says, “As a company we are always striving to solve customer problems. We identified that there were no purpose-designed polymer safety barriers specifically for frozen food storage facilities. Typically, when plastic is cold it becomes brittle and therefore, less effective. However, Memaplex Sub-Zero has been scientifically engineered to deliver optimum protection and flexibility in very cold environments.”

From the robust rack protection of Rack Guard, to resilient compliant fork protection, bollards, barriers and height restrictors, the Cold Storage range offers a full suite of premium safety products for applications within cold storage facilities. To find out about the new range please visit the company’s website: https://www.asafe.com/en-gb/applications/cold-storage-protection/.