Don’t Get Left Behind! See the Video That Explains the Science and Story of the Kilogram Redefinition @mettlertoledo

“Everything Different, Nothing Changes”—a new short film from METTLER TOLEDO—chronicles the multiyear effort to redefine the kilogram using expert interviews and rare metrology footage. Put it on your watch list today and see what thousands of experts worldwide are talking about.

This year, the General Conference of Weights and Measures voted to adopt a new kilogram definition for the first time since 1889. The goal? To create greater constancy in mass measurement by making the kilogram accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

They have succeeded. But the new definition—which eliminates reliance on the International Prototype Kilogram or IPK—required more than a decade of cooperation between National Metrology Institutes and private companies including METTLER TOLEDO around the world.

The 20-minute film chronicles this effort, taking you inside areas normally reserved for specialists to see the highly technical Kibble balance used to calibrate reference artifacts as well as the extremely rare silicon sphere used in the proof. These strong visuals help to make real the new theoretical definition that is bringing greater constancy to mass measurement.

See the story of how smart thinking and technological excellence released the metrology world from reliance on a changeable physical object. View “Everything Different, Nothing Changes” or check out the engaging trailer today!