A-SAFE unveils new anti-topple products for stacked storage areas @ASAFE_UK

Stacking bulk goods can increase the risk of topple-related accidents. New high-level Topple Barriers from A-SAFE are designed to protect pedestrians, goods and vehicles from topple hazards in bulk storage areas

A-SAFE has launched a new range of high-level barriers to address the danger of toppling stacked goods in bulk storage areas. The new Topple Barrier and Heavy Duty Topple Barrier are available in multiple height variations ranging from 2.2 metres to 5.2 metres. A new modular design allows customers to adapt the height of the barrier as their needs evolve, by adding the required number of 1000mm rail modules to a universal base unit.

This modularity comes courtesy of a newly developed in-line coupling system, which provides a seamless join between modules without compromising on strength and flexibility.

Manufactured from MemaplexTM, both the Topple Barrier and Heavy Duty Topple barrier are designed to flex and re-form following an impact or topple incident, providing essential protection to pedestrians, vehicles and stacked goods. Both versions of the Topple Barrier are designed to withstand a 400-kilogram point load and a horizontal distributed load of 1000 kilograms, while the Heavy Duty version has also been tested to PAS 13 standards and can withstand vehicle impacts up to 28,950 joules. Furthermore, the proven low-level fork protection of eFlex ForkGuard is included as standard.

Both versions of the A-SAFE Topple Barriers are available in yellow or black and are self-coloured, UV-stabilised for enduring aesthetics, without the need for painting. They are also resistant to corrosion, water and chemicals for maximum durability and ease of care.