Dust Hazards in the Workplace @Quirepace

The fact that dust can be a hazard in the workplace is well known, but finding the most appropriate industrial vacuum cleaner to clean up  and control it can be challenging. There are so many different standards and choices that make choosing the right solution difficult without some understanding of the potential pitfalls.

The BVC range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners from Quirepace covers virtually every conceivable application, and our knowledgeable sales team can advise on the benefits and advantages of different solutions. For example, very fine dust can be difficult to recover – it will quickly blind many filters, so the filter design becomes as important as the on-paper “power” of a machine. Similarly, dust may be hazardous to different degrees. Mineral dust from cutting and grinding processes are generally medium hazard, chemical dusts are often carcinogenic and organic dusts (such as wood, flour sugar) will most likely be potentially explosive requiring an ATEX-rated vacuum cleaner.

The BVC range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners extends from medium duty units specifically rated for medium and high hazard dusts (M-Class, H-Class and Type H) to large, heavy duty units rated up to 15kW certified for ATEX environments.

The BVC Greenline range has been designed to offer a range of economically priced M-Class and H-Class vacuum cleaners that satisfy the HSE’s directives requiring the use of appropriately certified machines for general routine cleaning activities.

The BVC professional range is manufactured in the UK to proven designs for heavy duty use, and normally carries a 5 year parts warranty.

Many models in the BVC Professional range utilise our specialised “Clearflow” filter which, through constant natural agitation, helps to self-clean in use. Also, most machines in the BVC professional range use brushless induction motors rated for continuous operation combined with BVC multistage vacuum pumps which deliver high performance from an extremely durable unit.

Efficient and effective cleaning also depends on using the correct tools and hoses; for example the most suitable hose diameter for the application will depend on the density of the product to be cleaned, and specialised tools may be required to aerate large quantities of material to help it to flow.

Effective control of dust hazards requires investigation of the potential risks resulting in informed choices being made to choose the best Industrial Vacuum cleaner solution.

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