Leading independent freight firm expands its fleet with Mitsubishi @UKMitsubishi

Simarco is an award-winning provider of international logistic and freight services. They deliver a wide range of tailored solutions for clients globally across all Worldwide trade routes.

With 20,000 square meters of transit warehousing in the UK, Simarco’s work can be intensive. Fifty-hour weeks for the trucks is not uncommon, meaning that materials handling operations consume a significant volume of fuel – making it an important cost centre.

One of their depots in Essex had moved over to Mitsubishi GRENDiA trucks five years ago for this very reason and the savings on fuel were significant, even after a short period.

Looking to expand further, the company spoke with their dealer, Bronze Mechanical Handling. An order picker and ten more of the LPG-powered GRENDiA were delivered, bringing the total number of machines across Simarco depots from Bronze up to 25.

Managing Director of Simarco, Trevor Scott explains: “We wanted more GRENDiA trucks because of their incredible performance. The most important thing our company looks for in forklifts is reliability and fuel efficiency, and Mitsubishi gives us that.”

The GRENDiA has very little environmental impact and incorporates technology to optimise air quality with 3-way catalytic convertors and a belly seal.

The machines also dramatically reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions – as well as 95% of dangerous NOx gases.

Bronze Sales Director, Chris Slater said: “Simarco are an environmentally aware company. Therefore, the trucks were specified with that in mind, without compromising on quality, reliability or fuel saving – all of which the GRENDiA is great for.”

Moving forward, Simarco are looking to go further down the environmental route with its future fleet expansions.

“We aim to go completely electric with our trucks within the next 3–5 years. Bronze are assisting us with the transition and will continue to provide alternative models as we phase out LPG,” said Trevor Scott.

Having been highly impressed by the GRENDiA trucks, Simarco will be moving over to the EDiA range, continuing to benefit from the Mitsubishi quality and cutting-edge features they have become accustomed to.

Chris Slater remarked: “Over the years, we’ve seen Simarco grow as a business and now we’re assisting them in the movement towards electric trucks across their entire fleet.

“With our close working relationship, we’ve proven our trust with Simarco and we’re ready to react to any changes they need.”

Trevor Scott concludes: “The support from Bronze is always excellent, and they respond to any call-outs or questions very swiftly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a preferred supplier for materials handling equipment.”

To find out more about the award-winning Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range, and services from Bronze Mechanical Handling and other local Mitsubishi dealers, call the Greenline 0845 371 3048, contact [email protected] or visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk.