Fatigue and Human Error: A Financial Risk to Business

SafeStart to host safety workshop tackling human error in Leeds on 14th May

SafeStart International, the world’s leading safety training programme, invites companies to attend its latest discovery workshop. The event will take place in Leeds, The Queen’s Hotel, on the 14th May. Register free here.

Created for health and safety leaders, operations and HR Managers, the workshop is intended to address key workplace safety issues including human error, lack of employee engagement, fatigue and the perceived conflicts between production and safety. These “common safety pain points” are issues that every manager encounters, with fatigue costing the UK £115 – £240 million per year in terms of work accidents alone.

The event will leave attendees with a clear understanding of how SafeStart awards people the skills and awareness to avoid making unintentional mistakes that lead to injury. The initiative is designed to help companies move beyond compliance and beyond the workplace to improve employee engagement, culture, family safety and business results.

David Hughes, Development Director at SafeStart International, said, “Error is normal. Even the best people make mistakes. But, we can all learn to make fewer of them. SafeStart International works closely with companies to reduce the number of errors being made to ultimately increase safety, productivity and efficiency. We look forward to discussing our reliable techniques with attendees at our Leeds workshop, supporting attendees to step towards exceptional risk reduction in their business.”

The Leeds event on the 14th May will be held at The Queen’s Hotel, City Square, Leeds, running from 08:30 to 13:00.  For additional information and to access the registration link, visit https://rebrand.ly/SafeStartLeedsHalfDayWorkshop

SafeStart has been successfully implemented in 64 countries, 32 languages and across 10,000 worksites, with more than 3 million people trained. SafeStart International is delighted with this opportunity to meet new and existing clients during this workshop where we will be discussing our proven solution to increase safety awareness and improve safety performance.