Not Every Lab Faces the Same Hazards: Customizable Poster Lets You Display Safety Equipment That’s Right for Your Environment

You would never go skiing without a helmet. Make sure your lab operators are taking safety precautions in the lab as well. Download a versatile new visual aid that lets you display only the protections that are required in your environment.

No matter how safe a lab is, it is important to wear appropriate protective gear. From hair coverings to shoes, the METTLER TOLEDO Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) poster “Proper Gear for This Lab” provides an important reminder to all workers that lab safety is everyone’s job. This is true whether technicians handle chemicals or biologics, or face electrical/physical hazards.

Not every lab faces the same risks. For this reason, the poster is designed to be adapted to your specific application needs. Simply select the boxes next to the gear required by your materials and environment, and then print. You can also add equipment if it is not yet represented on the poster.

Take the next step towards a safer lab environment. Customize and print out your free copy of “Proper Gear for This Lab” and  enhance operator safety today.