Protos Integral Helmet

Modern technologies and materials have enabled manufacturers to develop more advanced helmets to cater to the demands of specialist industries and job roles.  Now is the time to turn our attention to the general industrial helmet.

Why should the majority of hard hat wearers have to put up with ill fitting, uncomfortable safety helmets that fall off easily, particularly when attachments are added for various tasks.

Adding attachments to your helmet can cause neck strain, discomfort and also increase the risk of being caught up on objects in your work environment.

How often has your helmet fallen off your head when having to perform a task that requires you to tilt your head, lean over, or work underneath an object?  It can be a real nuisance and for employers it can be a worry.  Some workers may even remove their head protection to perform the task due to the frustration of a loose fitting safety helmet.

With this in mind, and how head protection is so important, we did some research and we came across this company, Outwear Ltd, the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Protos GmbH and Pfanner Schutzbekleidung GmbH of Austria and Woolpower of Sweden as well as other brands.

Outwear Ltd offer an extensive range of headwear. One such product is the PROTOS® INTEGRAL. They boast that it is the first integral safety helmet of its kind. With over 12 years of development, the goal to integrate ear, facial and neck protection, as well as chin strap and rear ventilation between the inner and outer shells, has been pursued and successfully implemented.

Investing in a high quality safety helmet will not only show your employees that you care about them, but also it will show customers how professional your business is.  With a modern look and customisable colour scheme, including corporate branding, you can ensure that your team looks equipped to take on any challenge.


Protos® have set the next milestone in the field of occupational safety. With the wireless Protos® BT-COM, the most innovative head protection is now complimented with another ground-breaking feature. The Protos® BT-COM technology provides, even under extreme use, stable and interference-free communication.

Advanced Bluetooth wireless technology allows the connection of 4 BT-COM communication units, providing uninterrupted intercom connection between up to 4 operators.

The Protos® BT-COM capsule connects into the existing Protos® ear defender bracket.  No wiring, drilling or clamps are required to fit to your Protos® helmet.  All of the BT-COM technical components are incorporated in the ear defender capsule and with no cables and connectors, this guarantees maximum comfort with no risks of snagging.

With a range of up to 600 metres and a battery operating time of up to 12 hours, the Protos® BT-COM will go through one working day without problems.  Recharging the battery is easily done via the USB on the Protos® charging bracket.

Some advantages of the Protos Integral design:

  • Accessories are fully integrated inside the helmet shell – greatly reduces the chance of ear defenders and visors being caught up or snagged within your work environment.
  • Very comfortable – Fully customisable fit. The diameter and height of the cradle can be adjusted and a patented closure mechanism ensures security every time.
  • Weight distribution considered – all attachments are designed to add no strain to the wearer, therefore reducing fatigue and injury.
  • Durability – by having all accessories stored inside the shell the wear and tear is reduced, thus reducing replacement costs from damage.
  • Safety – enhanced features and crash absorbers ensure that the Protos is one of the safest helmets on the market.