Trademark granted for Scott Parnell’s innovative safety fencing @ScottParnellUK

Civil engineering firm Scott Parnell has been granted registered trademark status on its TouchSafe® GRP palisade fencing – the only product available that is capable of completely eliminating electricity conduction.

TouchSafe® is produced using super strength, lightweight materials, which are corrosion-resistant. Designed following years of painstaking research, TouchSafe® is unique in that it does not contain any metal components, ensuring total safety from possible electrocution incidents.

Used for screening off electricity installation areas, Scott Parnell’s palisade fencing is suitable for a variety of industries, including rail networks and electricity supplier organisations. The product is ideal for the aviation sector as the composite materials are radar-neutral so do not disrupt radar signals. The fencing is also well suited to marine environments as the non-corrosive materials are able to withstand saline damage. All dimension specifications comply to BS accreditation standards.

Unlike many fencing products, TouchSafe® is supplied in fully-assembled panel form, making it easier and quicker to install on site.

George Woollard, Design & Specification Manager at Scott Parnell Rail, said:

“We wanted to make a product that would make incidents such as electric shocks and electrocution a thing of the past whilst removing the need to earth or bond the fence. This further reduces risk on site and increases commercial efficiencies.

“A lot of hard work has gone into designing our TouchSafe® palisade fencing and making it the best product it can be. We believe TouchSafe® represents the future of palisade fencing and we’re extremely proud that it has been granted trademark status.”