The Lightyear range of safety boots, shoes and trainers from Clad Safety provide exceptional comfort for workers on their feet all day.

Specifically designed to be lighter weight than traditional steel toe-cap boots, the Lightyear range is completely metal-free. With a composite (plastic) toe cap and non-metallic midsole protection, the Lightyear brand offers the same standard of protection, but at a greatly reduced weight.

Less weight improves worker comfort and productivity by reducing fatigue caused by heavy footwear, leaving your workers with more energy throughout the day.

Metal free footwear also has the advantage of not triggering security scanners at Airports.

The Lightyear range currently holds 11 different styles, each ideally suited for the work environment they were designed for. For the busy warehouse we have the BX-331 Suede Safety Trainer – incredibly lightweight and flexible for speedy workers. For groundworks, we have the BX-750 Utility Boot – fully waterproof with heavy duty scuff cap and rigid instep to aid digging. For executives and customer-facing employees, we have the BX-611 Pioneer Shoe – comfortable with a classically smart design to provide protection while enhancing the appearance of your company.

New to the range this season are the BX-370 Meteor Hiker Boot and the BX-380 Ozone Trainer. With water-resistant leather uppers and protective scuff cap, these new styles are ideal for any workplace where sturdy but comfortable footwear is required. They have a double-density PU shock absorbent, anti-static and slip-resistant sole, providing optimum protection against a variety of surfaces.

All Lightyear safety footwear conforms to EN ISO 20345.

The Lightyear range is available to purchase on our website, but if you’re thinking of buying in volume, call our sales team for a quote on 0800 161 3661.

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