Leading Safety Upwards

Over a third of all injuries reported annually are caused as a result of a slip or trip at the workplace. Skyhook GB Limited, established in 2004, has come up with a revolutionary product specifically designed to prevent these unfortunate mishaps.

The Skyhook concept has been widely accepted in the construction industry due to its incredible effectiveness and convenience. The Skyhook support system has been sold to over 150 companies throughout the UK, including some of the biggest names in manufacturing.

The ground-breaking product is used as a form of temporary support, as it is hooked over items such as floor joists or ceiling grids, and the fixing hole in the top enables it to be screwed upwards onto fixtures. If users are unable to get a fixing overhead, the support can be fixed through the side hole, which keeps the trailing cables away from the floor, eliminating this potential safety hazard.

Also available is the Medi Hook, which serves great purpose in medical centres, because it’s designed to hang from the bed rail to hold tubing away from the floor.

Skyhook GB Limited has proudly announced two new additions to their range; the Multi Hook and Extendable Tower Stands. The Multi Hook is similar to the Skyhook but the additional loop featured has the capability to accommodate multiple cables.

The Extendable Tower Stand can be raised up to 3 metres in height and is made from a steel box section. With this item, multiple cables can be carried at various heights, because of the attached non-conductible plastic head.

This incredibly innovative range consists of incredibly versatile and flexible products which make work environments significantly safer. Skyhook GB Limited is consistently striving towards raising standards, and they trust that their new additions will continue to assist companies in the construction industry.

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