Cutting-edge security solutions help protect two star-studded events in Blackpool @ATGACCESS

Visitors to Blackpool who attended the annual illuminations switch-on, and a concert by pop legend Britney Spears, received the highest level of protection from an innovative new barrier solution.

Surface Guard, which was developed by the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of road blockers, bollards and vehicle barrier systems, ATG Access, was installed around the Headland Arena, located in front of the iconic Blackpool Tower, to protect the 20,000-strong crowd.

The security solution has been specifically designed in response to the surge of recent vehicle attacks that have taken place across Europe, and has been tested in accordance with the IWA 14 crash test standard. It is capable of withstanding an attack from a 7,200kg lorry travelling at 32 kph, and its lightweight modular design makes it quick to install, transport and easy to store.

The system was deployed by one of ATG’s installation partners – Stadium TM extremely quickly and efficiently, taking four men just under an hour to install, ensuring minimal disruption to event organisers.

In order to deal with the vast crowds arriving at the Britney Spears concert, the semi-permeable design of Surface Guard allowed for easy pedestrian access. This, paired with the neutral design, helped avoid a ‘fortress mentality’ to promote a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to installing the Surface Guard solution, ATG Access developed a bespoke gate to secure the promenade’s tram tracks and ensure the whole width of the promenade was secure from any potential vehicle attacks.

Created specifically for this location, the gate attaches to two permanent bollards which were also installed for the event, allowing the area to be accessed when required by trams or emergency service vehicles. Whereas Surface Guard is temporarily fixed, the access gate allowed for greater flexibility in allowing authorised vehicles through to the promenade area.

Once the season ends, the gate will be removed and placed into storage. The two permanent bollards will be fitted with an aesthetically pleasing sleeve until required again the following season.

Glenn Cooper, CEO of ATG Access, said: “The recent events that took place in Blackpool are a fantastic example of how temporary security can seamlessly provide maximum protection, without creating a ‘fortress mentality’.

“For such a busy seaside town that runs public events on a regular basis, ensuring that visitors feel safe is imperative. For this reason, our Surface Guard system and bespoke security access gate for easy pedestrian and tram accessibility will help protect event goers not only this season but for seasons to come.”

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