JSP is ahead of the Reg! @JSPLtd

JSP Ltd is pleased to announce that they have on day one of the enforcement of the regulation the vast majority of their product range certified to the new PPE Regulation, 2016/425. This is a year ahead of the cut-off date of 21st April 2019!

Over 150 products on 15 certificates across the complete range of their above-the- neck PPE offering including their market leading EVO® Industrial Safety Helmet Range and Force™ Respirators will be manufactured in accordance with the new regulation from day one.

JSP Ltd has ensured that it is in conformity with the latest European requirements at the earliest opportunity. The regulation has been brought in to help make sure that the user of PPE is better protected than ever before, using products which they can trust.

All PPE must be issued with declarations of conformity by the manufacturer, and there are parts of the Regulation that will have direct implications on distributors and importers who are now responsible for ensuring they have a copy of the declarations of conformity and keep it for 10 years after the product has gone on to the market.

To sum up – all enterprises involved in the supply of PPE in Europe now have the same obligations as a manufacturer to ensure that the product placed on the market will protect the user. JSP’s early conformity to the regulation demonstrates their continued commitment to manufacturing tested, traceable and trusted PPE products.

The other main change of the PPE Regulation update is the reclassification of hearing protection to a category 3 risk product. It is now more important than ever for employers to provide their staff with the correct hearing protection and to fully understand that employees are adequately protected. All the JSP range of Hearing Protection meets this criteria including the new Sonis® ranges of Ear Defenders with market leading attenuation levels.

JSP have confirmed that it is not just their latest innovations and class leading products which conform but also their tried and tested classic designs such as the Invincible MK®II industrial safety helmet which meet these new requirements. For further details on the new PPE Regulations please contact them on 01993 826050. www.jspsafety.com